7 Tips To Build Resilience In Children

By Aparna Desikan

October 8, 2022

Children face various issues like exam stress, peer pressure etc. Help your child build strength and overcome these obstacles with the following tips.

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Be there for them

Unconditional support from parents drives children to feel empowered and seek guidance to bounce back from difficult situations.

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Don't fix it for them

A parent's natural urge is to try and fix their child's problems. However, use the issue at hand as an instance and ask relevant questions for them to find possible solutions themselves and build their resilience.

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Teach problem solving

Instead of giving them the answer to every problem, guide them to achieve possible courses of action. This would ensure they have help when they need it while solving the issues on their own.

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Encourage taking risks

Push your child to take risks. However, make them understand that risks come with failures and experience matters. For example, engage them in a new sport where they fall but get up and try again.

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Show them how to cope

Deep breathing, physical activities, painting, etc., are some of the coping strategies that your child can pursue when distressed. These skills will ensure that they overcome the issues and build stability.

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Embrace mistakes

Avoid teaching your children that failure is unacceptable. Embracing mistakes develops a growth mindset in children and helps them build better resilience.

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Lead by example

As parents, the best way to teach resilience to your child is to illustrate it. When you encounter stressful situations, use coping and calculative strategies to overcome them.

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