7 Tips You Can Start With To Make Your Child Independent

By Shatarupa Ganguly

January 25, 2023

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Teaching children to be independent needs to start from a young age since it has become a prerogative lesson demanded in the modern world. It will help your child to become a self-reliant adult in the future. So check out these tips to learn more about it.

Trusting your child

The most important thing you can do for your child is to establish that you trust them with any assigned tasks. Making them know that you trust them to finish something they are expected to do is what will make them complete the task.

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Clear instructions

This is crucial because if the instructions are vague, there are bound to make mistakes. And it will also backfire on you since they will already have an excuse that you are liable for the errors as you didn't clarify the strategy to them.

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Mistakes can be good

Expecting a child to complete a task flawlessly is unreasonable. A minor mistake is bound to happen, but instead of pointing it out and making a big deal, it will be helpful to mention that you are proud of what they tried to accomplish and direct them towards the right course.

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Everybody loves their personal space

Children need guidance at every point in their life, but being overly supervised will restrict their opportunities to explore and learn. So give them opportunities to do a task that will require your minimal supervision.

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Consider their age

Routine is good for children, but sometimes they can feel tired or stressed about new things. So instead of rushing into introducing new responsibilities, give them a chance to relax. Being empathetic will strengthen your bond with your child.

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Teaching needs patience and time

It can be tiresome to teach things to your child that you can do easily. But guiding your child to clean their room or put on their clothes slowly will make them independent, and they will quit seeking your assistance for little errands every time.

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Shaping their behaviour

This is a step-by-step process that needs tactics and guidance. If your child is upset and creating tantrums, be calm and try to console them. Redirect them towards a happy thought, ask them questions about what they want and guide them accordingly. Don't forget positive feedback, it works like a charm.

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