7 Tips to Study Smart for the Upcoming Exam Season

March 09, 2023

By Mekhala Joshi

Start early

For higher graders, it is important to study every day and not just before the exam. It will take the stress off and can also help you master the study material. 

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Prioritize your wellbeing:  Food. Water. Sleep. 

It is important to take care of your health–not only during exams, but even otherwise. That is why you must focus on eating well, staying hydrated and getting eight hours of sleep. 

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Take short breaks

Breaks can help you study well as they will give you time to rest and recharge. Taking a short break after every 20 minutes or so will help you stay focused for longer.

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Reread the textbooks

Textbooks are the backbone of the exam. You need to know everything that is there in the textbook. Reread the textbooks because it will help you cover everything in the syllabus. 

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Solve sample papers

The exam is a test of knowledge, sure, but it is also a test of memory. Solving sample papers will help you understand how you are performing with factors like time come into play. 

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Make a timetable and stick to it

Make a timetable that works for you. Do not use a general timetable or ask your friends, siblings or parents to make one for you.  Setting your timetable will help you make a timetable will help you take ownership of studying, which will help you stick to it. 

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Find a great place to study

To motivate yourself, you can decorate your study space with things you like, motivational posters, etc. Make your study corner a special place where you can focus and concentrate on the task at hand. 

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