A Guide To Guest Etiquette For Toddlers   

By Sonakshi Kandhari

26 October, 2022

The festive season means a stream of visitors and family outings lined up. If you stress about the celebrations getting ruined by your toddler's misbehaviour, teach them some guest etiquette for pleasant festivities.

Getting acquainted

You can always have the guests call or video chat with your child. Hearing their voice or seeing them beforehand helps them warm up towards the visitors sooner.

Prepare them on pleasantries

When questions pour in from unexpected visitors, it's natural for the child to be shy. You can run over possible questions in advance by having a pretend conversation with them; it will equip them to answer readily.

Give them a heads-up

Notify your child early that guests are expected. Involve them in the arrangements and lay down the rules. For example, if their cousins are visiting, you could tell them to share their toys with the guests.

Pleases' and 'Thank yous' are a must

Use ‘please’ each time you ask your child to help you with something to evoke politeness. And say ‘Thank you’ when they help or receive a gift or a compliment. Practising these ingrains them into your child.

Getting the door

Do a demonstration and show your child how guests need to be greeted when they arrive. Do a drill and include the relevant catchphrases such as "Hello," "Welcome home," and "Please come in."

Set realistic expectations 

Your child is too young to be on their best behaviour all the time, and things may not turn out as planned, but it's a learning process. Their social skills are still getting adjusted. Hence, give them time since patience is the key.

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