After-school activities that keep children engaged

By Aparna Desikan

June27, 2022

After a long day at school, all children come home tired and in need of something refreshing. We have curated a list of some cool after-school activities that will rejuvenate your child and also enhance the parent-child bond.

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Play sport together

A game of tennis or badminton can be a regular evening activity that you and your child can look forward to. Children can also develop healthy competitiveness and team spirit when involved in such sports.

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Cook snacks together

Studies show that cooking together with your child is a fun bonding activity. Preparing a snack together can educate them on the nutritional value of the dishes that you cook.

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Read books together

You can read a book together every week and discuss the lessons that its story provides, while also enhancing your child's vocabulary. They will look forward to spending those moments with you.

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Watch shows together

Watching a mutually favourite movie or a show is an excellent way to bond with your child. Discussing plots and characters would be a great exchange of ideas and perspectives. Your child will improve their speaking and listening skills as well.

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Learn something new

Playing the guitar or developing an app after school can be a rewarding experience. Needless to say, your child will learn a new skill in the process and have a parent as a learning partner!

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Make art together

Art is a good after-school unwinding activity for children by making strokes with the brush that don't need to be a masterpiece. A regular painting session on a common theme would present a good opportunity to bond and express thoughts through art.

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Solve puzzles together

Solving complex jigsaw puzzles together and celebrating the achievement is a moment of common ground and a great way to bond. Discussing your day as you solve the puzzles together is also a great bonding!

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Dance together

Tango with your child to a fast song. It’s an exciting and stimulating activity for both of you that releases endorphins - the happy hormone. This rejuvenates your child and is also a fun bonding exercise.

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