Amazing benefits of colouring

By Sonakshi Kandhari

August 10, 2022

Preps handwriting

Holding the pencil and angling it against the paper are the prerequisites for writing. Furthermore, it conditions them to stay within a particular space – another important aspect of writing. Colouring covers these skills and helps with improving their handwriting too.

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Improves mental health

It works like meditation, distancing the mind from external distractions and drops anxiety levels. If a child is worried or upset, colouring distracts them from saddening thoughts. It promotes mindfulness and helps a child focus on the task at hand since colours uplift their mood.

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Increases confidence

Finishing a picture makes children feel a sense of accomplishment. It is the first step toward academic success as they learn how to start and complete a task in time. Nurturing their self-worth and knowing ‘I can’ is a welcome emotion for a child to possess in their learning period.

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Refines motor skills

The act of gripping the colour pencil in hand and supporting it exercises the muscles in the wrist, finger and hand. These skills play a vital role in helping your child become independent and conduct routine activities like feeding and dressing themselves. The eyes work out too as they recognise and distinguish the different colours.

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Develops patience

The act of colouring requires a child to stay put and complete the task. Using your imagination, attempting colour within the lines and striving to finish what they started needs time. It is a great way to develop patience within your child and unleash their creative side.

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Mindful understanding

You can know a lot about your child by observing how they colour. The usage of colours speaks a lot about their mood. If it’s left incomplete, your child needs encouragement. By allowing your child to colour, you get a better understanding of the emotions that they are unable to express themselves.

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Colour together

Colouring for adults has caught on, and you can turn this activity into an opportunity to spend time with your child. In between, you can feed them nuggets of information to educate them. It’s a wonderful way for both of you to de-stress and relax in a comfortable environment.

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Knowledge building 

Names of colours and shapes, the result of mixing colours, the purpose of lines and pattern identification are all understood during colouring. It also helps a child sort, classify, imagine and build their vocabulary in the process. Colouring a picture with the colour of their choice in their style helps them evolve into better decision-makers.

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