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World Animal Day: How Well Do You Know Our Animal Friends?

Adrija Sen

04 Oct 2022


The beauty of nature is breathtaking, and our planet's fauna is a testimony to that. On World Animal Day, let’s learn some trivia about the animal kingdom. Match your answers on the last slide!

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Which of these animals has the highest intellect? A. Foxes B. Chimpanzees C. Elephants D. Dogs


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What is a baby rabbit called? A. Hare B. Doe C. Fawn D. Kit


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What do we call an animal that is active during the day as well as at night? A. Diurnal species B. Nocturnal species C, Cathemeral species


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Which animal is known to sleep only for 5 minutes at a time? A. Tiger B. Giraffe C. Hippopotamus D. Cat

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Which animal’s fingerprints have an uncanny resemblance to humans? A. Koala B. Gorilla C. Baboon D. Orangutan


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For how long can snails nap? A. 3 days B. 3 weeks C. 3 months D. 3 years


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Which pregnant animal sings to their unborn baby? A. Dolphins B. Chimps C . Deer D. Wolves


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1. B. Chimpanzees 2. D. Kit 3. C. Cathemeral species 4. B. Giraffe 5. A. Koala 6. D. 3 Years 7. A. Dolphins

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