April Fool's Day: 7 Fun, Harmless Pranks For Kids

March 30, 2023

By Shreesha Ghosh

Image source: Pexels

In the mood for pranks?

April Fool's Day is a special time when you can play fun and harmless pranks on your family and friends. People have been celebrating this silly holiday for generations, and it's a great chance to share some laughter. Get ready for 7 crazy pranks that will make anyone smile!

Image source: Pexels

Sugar, no, salt in coffee!

You can play an easy trick on someone in your family by changing the sugar with salt in the container. The next morning, they will be surprised or maybe a tad bit annoyed when their coffee tastes really salty!

Image source: Pexels

Frosting or toothpaste?

Play a prank on your friends by replacing the sweet cream in Oreo or Oreo-style cookies with white toothpaste. Just twist the cookie open, scrape the cream off, replace it with toothpaste and then put it back together!

Image source: Pexels

No batteries!

Play a prank on someone at home, maybe even your grandparents, by taking the batteries out of all remote controls. This will make it hard to change the TV channels or turn it on or off. This might just be one of the simplest tricks you have played.

Image source: Pexels

Are we out of shampoo?

Take off the caps of shampoo, conditioner and body wash bottles. Put a piece of plastic wrap over the top and screw the lid back on, so nothing can come out. Let everyone in the house think they are out of shampoo. But only you know what’s real!

Image source: Pexels

The alarms have gone off!

Set all the alarms in the house to go off at different times. When they go off unexpectedly, it will disturb everyone! This could go on all day and is sure to drive your family members crazy on April 1st.

Image source: Pexels

Is that mould?

Dab some drops of green food colouring on a few slices of bread. Make sure to keep one slice without any colour so that no one notices at first. Now, wait for your family to discover the fake mould when they make their daily toast or sandwich.

Image source: Pexels

Your screen’s broken

Tricking your parents into thinking their phone or tablet is broken can be funny. You can download a picture or an app to make it look like the screen is shattered. They won’t know until you yell ‘April Fool’.