Spectacular Astronaut Selfies in Space

By Ashritha Raghavendra

May 24, 2022

The first space selfie during a spacewalk was clicked by “Buzz” Aldrin in 1966. Aldrin clicked multiple pictures of hot stars in the ultraviolet spectrum during the spacewalk.  

Image source: NASA

Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin

NASA astronaut Michael Fossum captured a selfie during a spacewalk outside the ISS on July 8, 2006. His reflection, the space station, and Earth are visible in his fellow astronaut Ron Garan’s helmet visor.

Image source: NASA

Michael Fossum

Steve Robinson’s selfie was clicked during his historic repair of the Discovery space shuttle on August 3, 2008. Robinson removed a couple of gap fillers sticking out between tiles of the space shuttle.

Image source: NASA

Steve Robinson

Akihiko Hoshide’s spectacular space selfie on the ISS broke the internet in 2012. The bright sun, the satellite, and the Earth are beautifully captured in this picture. 

Image source: NASA

Akihiko Hoshide

Marshburn clicked a selfie with his home planet in May 2013. During his mission, Marshburn logged 5 hours and 30 minutes of spacewalk to replace a leaking ammonia pump.

Image source: NASA

Thomas Marshburn

Alexander Gerst’s selfie with the magnificent planet blue and the ISS is a visual delight. Gerst and Reid Wiseman fixed a failed cooling pump and installed gear that provides backup power to external robotics equipment on the satellite in October 2014.

Image source: NASA

Alexander Gerst

Anne McClain posed for a selfie 260 miles above the Earth’s surface in 2019. Anne upgraded the orbital complex’s power storage capacity in a spacewalk that lasted 6 hours and 39 minutes.

Image source: NASA

Anne McClain

Luca Parmitano captured a selfie during his 6-hour spacewalk on January 25, 2020. The ESA astronaut made thermal repairs on Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer — a dark and antimatter detector along with NASA’S Andrew Morgan.

Image source: NASA

Luca Parmitano