Baby On The Way? Tips To Prep The Elder Siblings

By Sonakshi Kandhari

September 26, 2022

A new addition to your family is an exhilarating experience. But as you prepare to welcome the newborn, it is crucial to prepare the older child for this change too. It is a roller coaster ride as your child will have many questions, anxiety and excitement. Here are a few tips to help them prepare for it.

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Timing matters

Telling your child too soon will result in answering questions throughout your pregnancy. Wait to break the news until it visibly shows that you are pregnant. Until then, you can show them pictures of how you looked when you were pregnant with them and also them as newborns.

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Doll demonstration

Using a doll offers a close real-life experience of having a baby in the picture. It helps demonstrate how one touches an infant gently and in what position they should be held. Once your child begins to comprehend this, you can explain to them that these are older sibling responsibilities.

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Decorate the nursery

To create a sense of belonging, ask for their assistance in arranging stuff in the nursery and choosing a gift for the new member. Seek their advice on baby items or give them errands that involve spending time in the area. All of these instill a sense of excitement to welcome the newborn.

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Get them involved

Once your child knows, include them as much as you can in your pregnancy journey. Have them accompany you for doctor visits to hear their sibling’s heartbeat. Make your child experience the baby’s kick and show them ultrasound photos. This helps them ease into a state of preparedness.

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Give importance

It can be unsettling for your child to know that a baby is on the way. Ease their worries by showing them how much they mean to you. Dropping in statements like ‘I love the way you give me a hug before going to bed’ or ‘I love how you help me out’ is effective. Explain to your child how each member of the family is special.

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Honesty is the key

Having a newborn requires time, energy and patience. Sleepless nights are a part of the drill. There will be moments when you may not be able to give your older one enough time. That needs to be communicated to all family members, so everybody can compensate for the time you lack.

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Sibling fun

Having a sibling is not threatening, but it is rather a fun experience. If you have any sibling stories, do share them with your child. You can watch cartoons or read stories about the sweet bond. Knowing that this tiny human being is going to be someone they will grow up with, love and take responsibility for, is enthralling.

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The first introduction

Watching doctors, nurses, and relatives frequenting your hospital room can be overwhelming to the child. Try ensuring that the environment is calm. Introduce your newborn as a partner, confidante and playmate for life to your older ones.

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