Bedtime Activities For Children

By Sonakshi Kandhari

October 10, 2022

Is getting your child into bed a struggle for you? Facing the screams, wails, and tantrums is not easy. Use the following activities to engage your child and ease them into a state of preparedness to fall asleep.

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Bedtime stories 

Children love a good bedtime story! Using dim lighting to read a story to your child can relax them. Even coming up with stories encourages discussions and imagination and helps address pressing issues subtly.

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Star gazing

It is calming and helps establish a connection between you and your child. It also causes sleepiness that makes the child fall fast asleep. You can affix glows star stickers on the room ceiling for a night sky effect.

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Calming music

This is a sure-shot way to get those eyelids shut. Playing calming music 45 minutes prior to bedtime induces sleep, improves sleep quality, relaxes muscles, reduces stress, promotes intelligence and enables sound sleep.

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Puzzle play

Puzzles have a calming effect on a child’s mind. It helps enhance their mood, lowers blood pressure and offers relaxation. It also gives an opportunity for learning while refining their motor skills and a sense of accomplishment after completing.

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A refreshing bath

It has a soothing effect on children, just like adults. Splashing about in warm water and playing with their favourite toy is sure to tire them. Get them dressed in a set of pyjamas they adore, and they will be fast asleep.

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Go for a stroll

It is a welcome way to relax your child before going to bed. Strolling around in the streets helps clear their heads. It provides a chance to connect at the end of the day. Walking also tires a child and helps them fall asleep.

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Night time snack

Toddlers tend to feel hungry in the growing phase, so offer them a snack before tucking them into bed. It could be a glass of milk or even a slice of bread. Make sure they do not consume sweet foods that could give a sugar rush.

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