Benefits of Bedtime Stories

By Sonakshi Kandhari

5 August 2022

Supports brain development

Hearing stories inspires children to imagine, grasps their attention, provides them with an opportunity to comprehend, and supports language processing. Listening to your reading enhances their ability to visualise, form mental images and improve memory.

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Becomes a lifelong learner

Reading to your child when they are young can lead to them being readers for life. Most importantly, it makes classroom learning a lot more easier. It nurtures a love for acquiring knowledge, helps process complex information, spikes curiosity, and encourages them to pursue other hobbies.

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Lesson on life skills

There are books on every imaginable subject, like morning routines, nighttime routines and etiquettes. Reading what the characters in their stories do makes it easier for a child to grasp and mimic the concepts. It serves as an introduction to the adult way of living too.

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Encourages questioning 

Children are curious beings, and each time a child asks you a question, they learn something new. When you read to them, hearing about the scenarios depicted in the stories makes them inquisitive. One question leads to another and your child builds up visuals of everything you have described to them by reading.

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Gripping attention

Getting your child to stay put is not an easy task. Children get restless in no time but reading them a bedtime story will keep them hooked to know what happens next. In the process, their listening skills are refined, and their comprehension level and concentration span improve too.

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Window for emotions

Stories can prepare a child for real-world challenges. Children experience emotions just like adults but don't know how to label or deal with them, so stories offer them insights on how to. Read to your child and witness how it helps them become emotionally mature.

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Building bonds

Reading is not just enjoyable but can also foster a special bond between you and your child. It is a welcome way to spend uninterrupted time with your child at the end of a tiring day. As your child grows up, this exercise is sure to top the list of things you do for them.

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Radiates a calming effect

You might think your child will be drained out of energy after attending school, but it's quite the opposite. An afternoon nap is helpful but can be hard to get. So when you read to them, it eases their agitation and serves as a barrier against distractions, making them fall asleep quickly. 

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