The Incredible Benefits Of Building Blocks

By Sonakshi Kandhari 

5  December, 2022

Playing and learning go hand in hand during the early childhood years. While there are many toys to play with, a set of building blocks sparks your child’s imagination and refines different skills.

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Concentration is key

Building blocks help preserve, visualise and inspire your child to create something new. This increases their concentration level and gets them to stay put for a long time.

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Math meets Science

Children gradually begin to learn about numbers, shapes, sizes, space and gravity. So their sense of reasoning is put to the test by building structures out of the blocks.

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Solving problems

Playing with building blocks and creating a structure offers a lesson on problem-solving. It also gives them a heads-up on identifying the source of a problem and devising a solution.

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Hand-eye coordination 

During block play, a child's grip strengthens as they hold and try various permutations or arrangements. Their hand-eye coordination improves while they find and position the blocks into different combinations.

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Improves agility

Building blocks enhances their gross motor skills. This helps them to perform everyday activities and makes writing easy.

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Building friendships

Making this a group activity gives them an opportunity to express ideas, listen, absorb information, approach problems and build something together. It also teaches them to cooperate with others.

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Boosts self esteem

Conceptualising an idea into reality using simple blocks boosts a child’s confidence. It encourages them to discover the possibilities, imagine and create something of their own. This drives them to become goal-oriented.


Image source: Pexels

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