Benefits of learning science early

By Aparna Desikan

June 03,2022

Understand the world better

Learning science in the early years gives children an understanding of the world. When they learn more about the world around them, they apply scientific knowledge to new situations and enhance their critical thinking and problem-solving abilities as well.

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Child-led discovery

When children learn science, they discover concepts through experiments or other play-based learning methods. This child-led discovery strengthens their conceptual understanding and helps them become better learners.

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Lifelong love for science

Recent research suggests that children, by the age of 7, establish either a positive or negative attitude toward science. To enjoy all the benefits that science has to offer, one must ensure that the love for the subject is developed early.

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Better literacy & numeracy

Studies show that learning science is an effective way to teach literacy and numeracy in elementary school. When your child learns science, they sometimes record observations and share their learnings, in turn increasing their proficiency in words and numbers.

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Care for environment

The influence that science and the environment has on children helps them develop a tendency to appreciate and care for their environment and all living things within it. They will be more mindful of their surroundings and strive to make it better.

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Better inquiry skills

When they learn science, children identify and pose questions, conduct investigations and reflect upon the findings and interpret the results. It helps enhance their inquiry skills, which go a long way in ensuring good career choices.

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Fosters growth mindset

Science teaches children to experiment and take risks. They get an early head start to look beyond facts and learn through testing and trying new approaches. These practices cultivate a growth mindset, a belief that basic abilities can be developed through hard work.

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Builds engaged learners

Learning science essentially means exploration and discovery. It leads to children being more engaged with the learning process from an early age and creating healthy learning habits.

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