Benefits of Nursery Rhymes

By Sonakshi Kandhari

21 November, 2022

Feeling nostalgic while reciting nursery rhymes with your child is not uncommon since they have been in use for ages. Along with becoming a childhood memory, reciting rhymes has incredible benefits.

Math becomes easy

Rhymes include numbers, and the sequence of numbers could be in any order. The mathematical terms that verses use make learning numbers easier. For example: “One, two, buckle my shoe.”

Improved language

The sounds enunciated while reciting rhymes promote phonetics awareness, making them ready to read. It is a welcome way to introduce new words and their meanings by associating them with the rhyme’s story.

Up and moving!

Nursery rhymes are often accompanied by actions or dance steps. Singing and swaying to the verses refine their motor skills. Performing the rhyme's steps also helps the child channel their energy.

Better understanding 

A rhyme describes instances your toddler will learn and find amusing while exposing them to varied cultures, places, people, and history. 

Encourages friendship

Rhyme time is an enjoyable group activity that involves holding hands, clapping or performing actions together. It’s a lesson in social skills and is an excellent way for children to bond.

Creative inspiration

Rhymes inspire them to imagine. As you describe the verses, they envision images in their minds. It transports them to a fantasy world and enhances their ability to visualise.

Listen & sing!

Melodies are equally captivating for children and adults. Reciting a rhyme and responding to it by dancing makes them appreciate sounds. A child might become a musical prodigy someday.

It's just fun!

Children break into giggles, sing enthusiastically and make special requests. It makes room for interactions, and they never get tired of it. Rhyme time is never a dull moment!