Amazing benefits of solving puzzles

By Aparna Desikan

September 21, 2022

Today’s day and age mostly involve a screen for hobbies, but puzzles have been a blessing for children for generations. Stephen King, Queen Elizabeth and other renowned people are fans of solving puzzles. Let’s look at how children benefit from them.

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Develops fine motor skills

Solving jigsaw puzzles requires children to pick up and hold the pieces, move them around and fit them into the correct slots. This exercise remarkably improves their motor skills.

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Enhances hand-eye coordination

While solving most puzzles, the child achieves the correct answer through trial and error. While at it, children develop hand-eye coordination as they need to use both to find the exact fit.

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Improves problem-solving skills

Cracking a puzzle entails logical thinking. To figure out a puzzle, children need multiple strategies and approaches that will eventually enhance their problem-solving skills.

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Increases spatial awareness

When children solve jigsaw puzzles, they learn how objects are positioned relative to each other. This enhances their spatial awareness, which in turn hones their writing and navigation skills.

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Improves memory

Studies show that puzzles reinforce nerve connections in the brain. This improves the short-term memory of the child. A good short-term memory helps the child to process and recall new information.

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Increases attention to detail

Puzzles that require the child to spot the differences or a hidden object develop the child’s attention to minor detail. It is essential for the child’s overall mental development.

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Enhances math skills

During puzzle play, children learn to observe patterns and shapes. This is an important aspect of geometry and other mathematical concepts.

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