Calm Parenting Made Easy

By Sonakshi Kandhari

October 10, 2022

Parenting a toddler involves dealing with whining, tantrums, stubbornness, and whatnot. However, losing your temper impacts you and your child negatively. The concept of calm parenting seems difficult to follow but not impossible. Try out these tips to become a calmer parent.

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Prepare yourself

Observe the patterns, like your child getting cranky when hungry, irritable if tired, etc. Plan a schedule which factors in these aspects. Knowing what might spoil their mood will help you prevent future occurrences.

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Time-outs are necessary

If you get overwhelmed, taking breaks helps. Engage your child by playing their favourite show or give them a snack of their choice. In the meantime, go on a walk, have a cup of coffee, listen to music, practice yoga, meditate, etc., to calm yourself.

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Think before acting

Getting angry is normal. But the next time you lose your cool with your child, ask yourself - Is their behaviour just a means to get attention? Are you tired or overworked? They might help you react differently.

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Forgive and forget

A situation might arise, leading you or your child to behave recklessly. In case you are the one who is wrong, apologise to your child and forgive your child, if it's the other way around. Laugh it off to help maintain peace.

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Set up a support system

Having a shoulder to lean on makes life less stressful. It could be your sister, mother, partner, or friend. Discussing your ongoing concerns with someone helps get a renewed perspective and proper solutions.

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Tap into your comic side 

Resort to comedy when a situation is spiralling out of control. Share a joke with your child, break into a funny dance, hum a silly song or simply tickle your child. Children are playful by nature and will eagerly participate in your antics which will turn the atmosphere cheerful.

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Children being children

Time waits for no one, so allow your child to enjoy their time as a toddler. Making a mess, refusing to listen, and being fussy eaters are a part of the package. Slowly and steadily lay down the boundaries, all while keeping your calm.

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Identify your concerns

Lack of sleep, an untidy house, an over-packed schedule, or even screaming children could be a concern. Find ways to work around your problem areas through calmness and spread in other aspects of your life.

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