Check Out These Careers in Maths

By Sara Fathima

September 09, 2022


Examines and prepares financial records. Checks accuracy and identifies ways to improve processes in organisations with  the goal of eliminating wastage or fraud.  An Auditor needs to know algebra, calculus, and statistics.

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Solves complex problems to calculate risks for companies. They analyse the financial costs of risks using financial theory, maths, and statistics. They are critical in the insurance industry, besides finance, banking, and healthcare. 

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Computer Programmer

Writes and tests software program code. They also update and fix existing programmes. Computer programmers  are well-versed in a variety of computer languages, including C++, Java, etc., and have a strong maths background.

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Data Analyst

Uses advanced mathematical methods  to help businesses identify and address inefficiencies. They help in making data-driven decisions using statistical tools to discover trends and make predictions. 

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Studies markets to collect financial and socio-economic data. They use this data to advise businesses and governments to create policies. Furthermore, they help in forecasting economic situations. 

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Financial Analyst

Evaluates investment opportunities in banks, mutual funds, insurance companies, etc. They meet with firms to get better insight into their prospects, to analyse financial data and business trends. 

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Works in schools and universities based on their expertise and experience. Besides teaching maths, they prepare lesson plans, evaluate assignments, and train students for competitive exams. 

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Applies or develops mathematical theories to solve problems. They also design surveys to collect data, interpret the information, and report conclusions. They work with scientists and engineers too

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