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International Coffee Day: Can You Crack This Coffee Quiz?

Adrija Sen

30 Sep 2022


On International Coffee Day, we are calling all trivia fans! Did you know the coffee bean is actually a seed? Read on to learn more trivia on this naturally occurring product that is the most popular beverage in the world.

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Which country consumes the most coffee? A. England B. USA C. Finland D. Italy


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Which language provided the earliest term for coffee? A. Arabic/Turkish B. Dutch C. Colombian D. English


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The Italian meaning of this term is “pressed out”. Which is the correct pronunciation? A. ESpresso B. EXpresso


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Which city banned coffee due to political reasons in 1511? A. Jerusalem B. Mecca C. The Vatican City D. Washington DC

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How many cups of coffee are consumed approximately every year in the world? A 100 million cups B. 100 billion cups C. 200 billion cups D. 400 billion cups


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Who is famously known to have discovered coffee? A. A sailor B. A poet C. A goat herder D. A farmer


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Which of these is NOT a real variety of famous coffee? A. Diamond Coffee B. Elephant Poop Coffee C. Palm Civet Poop Coffee D. Butter Coffee


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1. C. Finland 2.  A. Arabic/Turkish 3.  A. Espresso 4.  B. Mecca 5.  D. 400 billion cups 6.  C. A goat herder 7.  A. Diamond Coffee

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