Developing Confidence In Children

By Sonakshi Kandhari

October 13, 2022

Building confidence from a young age benefits your child in adulthood. Guiding and supporting your child towards their dreams boosts their confidence. Here’s what you can do to make your child self-confident.

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The magic of love

Your unconditional love helps them value themselves despite their flaws and boosts confidence. When angry, clarify the situation to them and offer a hug and an apology. These gestures give feelings of safety, love and respect.

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Find their true calling

Discovering what piques your child’s interest and engaging them in similar activities helps polish their confidence. Plus it reduces their anxiety and making friends becomes easy.

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Say 'yes'

Turning down your child's requests every time lowers their confidence level. Agree to their wishes occasionally that seem doable and cause them no harm. It will ultimately boost their confidence level.

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Demonstrate self-love

Children tend to imbibe their parents' habits. So avoid complaining about life's problems and celebrate your achievements, big or small, which your child will naturally follow. It will also evolve their self-confidence and self-love.

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Earnest praise helps

Each time your child accomplishes something, make sure you praise them extensively. Positive comments help develop self-respect. If your child gets stuck at times, remind them about the other things they excel at.

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Let them choose

Giving your child options to pick from or making minor decisions boost their confidence. Whether it's an outfit, preferred lunch, etc. – acknowledging their decision helps them make better judgements.

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Maintain eye contact

A necessary feature, this should be implemented at all times. It makes a child feel safe to express themselves confidently while improving their communication skills. Starting it young makes it a lifelong habit.

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Goal setting 

Explain to your child a goal is what they wish to be or want to achieve. Assist them in setting achievable goals for the future. This gives them a push to tap into their potential, be self-motivated and accountable for their actions.

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