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#AncientHistoryQuiz: Did You Know These Facts?

Adrija Sen

13 Oct, 2022


Did you know that Arabic Numerals originated in India? Test your knowledge of Indian History with our quiz! Check your answers on the last slide.

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Which Greek King of Bactria invaded India around 190 B.C.? A.Demetrius B. Alexander C. Seleucus Nicator D. Menander


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Who was the Revenue collector during the Maurya empire? A. Purohita B. Pradeshta C. Yukta D. Samaharta


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Who is the founder of the Gupta dynasty? A. Samudragupta B. Chandragupta-I C. Vishnugupta D. Sri Gupta


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Name the port city of the Indus Valley Civilisation. A. Dholavira B. Kalibangan C . Rakhigarhi D. Lothal

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Nalanda and Taxila are renowned __________. A. Ports B. Dynasties C. Temples D. Universities


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Which kingdom was the first to use elephants in wars? A. Magadha B. Kosala C. Champa D. Avanti


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Who was the Indian ruler with territory outside India? A. Kanishka B/ Asoka C. Chandragupta Maurya D. Harsha


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1. A. Demetrius 2. D. Samaharta 3. B. Chandragupta-I 4. D. Lothal 5. A. Pala 6. D. Universities 7. A. Kanishka

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