Doggos That Love Children!

By Sonakshi Kandhari

September 22, 2022

You may dream of having a dog to complete your family portrait but are concerned about finding one that's well-suited for your child's needs. You need to consider a dog's size, temperament and personality beforehand. Here is a guide to child-friendly dog breeds that will be a perfect addition to your family.


They are aptly suited for children with allergies because they barely shed fur. Their calm and patient demeanour make them an ideal companion for your child. Being quick-witted and sharp, training them is easy. Their protective instinct kicks in at the sight of a stranger.

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Labrador Retriever

Their aesthetic appearance is one of the many reasons that make them a hit with children. They can befriend animals and humans easily. Being playful, reliable, loving and patient. they can be a child's best mate. Maintaining them is not a struggle because their fur only needs to be combed once a week to be clean.

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The playful antics of these dogs make them fun furry companions for children. Their playfulness, hyperactivity, and size complement children well. With a lifespan of 12-15 years, your child gets ample time to spend their developing years with the dog.

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Cocker Spaniel

With their enthusiastic personalities, they are excellent playmates for children. Their outdoorsy nature is incredibly beneficial for children too. These dog breeds leave no stone unturned in keeping your child happy. The warm greetings and joyful tail wags become  lifelong memories for  your children to cherish.

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Indian Spitz

Often confused for Pomeranians because of some similar features, these dogs are an ideal solution for residents of modest households. Children will not have a dull moment around these dogs because of their high-spirited personalities. You can say goodbye to all your safety concerns because it can also take on the role of a diligent watchdog.

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Golden Retriever

The 3rd of February is celebrated as National Golden Retriever Day.  Their friendly, tolerant and loving qualities make them a favourite breed. Parenting can be easier by taking the example of this dog's gentle and obedient nature. They are believed to have a  golden personality.

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French Bulldog

This warm-hearted, small-sized dog has quirky nature and possessive personality making them great companions for your child. Not too hard to maintain, they sleep for 12-14 hours, require less exercise and bark not too loudly. This lovable pup is popular on social media too!

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Their exuberance is contagious and unravels on children too. The sparkling eyes and comical acts make them a source of delight to children and adults. Running, playing and jumping are their favourite ways to pass the time. Their snuggles and minimal barking will help raise a child with this dog easily.

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