Eight Ways To Foster Family Bonding

By Aparna Desikan

May 15, 2022

A key goal of parenting is to help children form good relationships with family, which ensures they form lasting bonds as adults as well. On the International Day of Families, we give you some tips that can help you connect well with your child.

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Family is everything

Volunteer together

Your child can go on tree-planting, beach cleaning and other volunteer activities with parents, grandparents, siblings and cousins to encourage interactions and strengthen familial bonds.

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Make a family tree

Making a family tree is an effective way to get children curious about their families that will encourage them to explore connections with their kith and kin.

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Travel together

Your children will look forward to annual trips with the family, where they will share valuable experiences. Create memories together that they will cherish and bond over.

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Identify shared interests

A common passion for reading or music can help foster memorable conversations. When family members share similar interests, their conversations make their bonds last for years.

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Have meals together

Studies have shown that having a meal together will make relationships stronger. It's also a regular, long term family activity that requires very little effort!

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Watch shows together

Watching a match or a show together that the children love most is a great way to foster strong relationships.

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Play games together

A game of Ludo or Monopoly is sure to bring in the connection among people who play together regularly. It is one of the best family bonding activities!

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Do chores together

Parents of children living in joint families can plan chores that involve the entire family like cooking or gardening together, which can be a fun and regular activity that helps in family bonding.

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