The Wonder of Hot Springs

By Ashritha Raghavendra

June 14 , 2022

What Are Hot Springs?

Springs are formed when groundwater flows out to the Earth's crust to become surface water. Hot springs are water bodies whose temperatures are significantly warmer than the surrounding air temperature.

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What Are Geysers?

Geyser literally translates to ‘to gush’ in Icelandic. Geysers are essentially hot springs that periodically discharge jets of steam and hot water.

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What Causes Hot Springs?

The groundwater released by hot springs is heated as a result of its contact with rocks that are in turn heated by magma. Not all thermal springs are related to volcanic activity.

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A Colourful Phenomenon

Certain thermophilic bacteria and algae are responsible for the colours in hot springs. The colourful scums and slimes on the sides are often a representation of the type of bacteria that inhabits the water body.

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Source of Energy

The extreme temperature of hot springs and the heat thus released make them a source of geothermal energy. In some countries, buildings and greenhouses are heated with water pumped straight from the hot springs.  

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Heat That Heals

Hot springs are said to be rich in minerals and are major tourist attractions across the world. Many believe that hot springs can strengthen bone, relieve pain, improve skin, and so on.   

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Popular Hot Springs

Grand Prismatic Spring, USA Blood Pond, Japan Jigokudani,  Japan Pamukkale, Algeria Hot Springs, Arkansas

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Hot Springs in India

Chumthang - Leh, Ladakh Kheerganga - Manikaran, Himachal Pradesh Gaurikund - Uttarakhand Sahastradhara - Uttarakhand

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