How To Beat Academic Burnout?

By Sara Fathima

06 May, 2022

What’s Academic Burnout?

Prolonged periods of stress about your studies lead to a state of mental and physical exhaustion – also called study burnout. 

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Watch Out for  Weariness 

Feeling tired, or stressed after a long day of classes & during the exam season is normal. But if you’re often exhausted and unable to focus, it could be a sign of something serious. 

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Spot the Signs

Falling ill often Lack of motivation Inability to concentrate Constant fatigue & insomnia Dip in academic performance

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What's the Cause?

Academic burnout occurs when there’s Coursework overload No time to unwind Learning in isolation Unrealistic expectations

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You Can Prevent It

Here’s a care checklist to avoid an academic burnout Eat healthy & hydrate Regular breaks every hour Take time out for hobbies Identify & manage stressors

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How To Recover?

If you’re experiencing academic burnout, you might want to take a step back to identify the source. You can always seek professional guidance.

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Reconsider Your Routine

To bounce back, create a routine which allows for self-care and healthy habits. Reconsider your approach to managing your coursework – think less perfectionism and more prioritising.

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Small Steps Towards Stability

Take a break and focus on taking care of yourself first. Then break it all down into smaller tasks and take it one day at a time so it feels less overwhelming. 

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