Explore Environmental Engineering   

By Sara Fathima

April 22 , 2022

Plan for the Planet

Environmental engineering uses principles  of science and engineering to protect public health and natural ecosystems. It involves creating sustainable building designs to conserve and manage natural resources.

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Water Works

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Environmental engineers design and operate water facilities. They work with architects and civil engineers to deliver  safe drinking water and treat wastewater before it is discharged. 

Scientific Solutions

Environmental engineers assess the problem of pollution and use chemistry, biology, and soil sciences to develop technical solutions for better human and ecological health.

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On the Mend

They also work toward remediating environmental damage by designing systems that are compatible with  economic, legislative, political, and  social concerns. 

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Eco Innovate

Recognising how the actions of people  in their local environments have a global impact and building waste management solutions is vital to the role of an environmental engineer.

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In the Frontlines

The goal of environmental engineering  is to ensure the development of societies with minimal environmental degradation.  In the face of climate change, it also creates solutions to prevent further deterioration of the planet. 

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Green Roles 

Environmental engineers are employed by government agencies, NGOs, industries, etc. Some of their designations are wasteland ecologist, field chemist, and hydro-geologist.

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Integrative Learning

A BE/B.Tech or ME/M.Tech degree makes you eligible to pursue a career in environmental engineering. The syllabus usually includes. principles of Physics, Organic Chemistry, and Microbiology.  

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Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for environmental engineering courses, you must have cleared Class XII  in Physics, Chemistry, and Maths subjects and JEE Main/Advanced. 

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