How To Get Your Toddler A Smooth Haircut!

By Sonakshi Kandhari 

20 October, 2022

Research is in order

It's best to aim for a child-friendly salon to make the experience comfortable. If you are unable to find one, check and book an appointment with a stylist who is good with children.

Enjoyable escapade

Avoid squeezing in a haircut between other routine tasks. It should be a leisurely affair, not a rushed one. Bring their favourite treats, play their preferred song on the drive, and follow it up with the ice cream of their choice.

The fun element 

A role play activity depicting a salon scenario could ease their worries. You could cut a lock of your own hair to demonstrate what happens. Using appropriate words like "We are going to style you'' will help.

Prep for the cut

Children get cranky if they are not well-rested or well-fed, so ensure that everything is sorted out before the haircut. Arrive at the salon earlier than the scheduled time to give your child a chance to notice others getting haircuts.

It needs to be done 

Your toddler might get agitated at the time of their haircut. You could explain to them that the hair will obscure their vision. Having a sibling, friend, or favourite soft toy can help them get through it.

Videos work wonders

To induce calm and security, show your child videos of children getting their haircuts. Record a video when your child is pleasantly calm during their haircut. It will come in handy for the next appointment.

Explanations work

Explaining to your child what each item is used for—sprays, combs, cape, hair dryer - will not catch them off guard or stress them out.

Celebrate success

Getting those first few haircuts is a milestone. If your child manages to sit without squirming for the haircut, make sure to acknowledge it. And finally, once the haircut is done, praise them for their patience.

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