How To Spend Quality Time With Your Child

April 18, 2022

By Mekhala Joshi

Do chores together

Doing chores like folding laundry or watering the plants will help busy parents spend quality time with their child. These can be made fun by setting a timer, treating it as a sport, or having a chore party!

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Go for a walk

Parents can take long walks with their children as a form of exercise and bonding. They can make the walk extra special by turning it into a treasure hunt, or a game of I spy.

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Create a bedtime ritual

Creating a bedtime routine or ritual with your child will make them feel special and strengthen your relationship. You can add storytime, snuggle time, lullaby time, or even a bit of sleepy time yoga for an extra bit of bonding!

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Read a book together

Parents can make storytime even more exciting by asking the child to pick the book, do voice modulation while reading, or use prompts or puppets.

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Fix it together

Most homes have something or the other that needs to be fixed or organised. Parents can involve their children by asking them to help out in the simplest age-appropriate chores, like handing the screws, painting, etc.

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Share family stories

Parents can share stories from their childhood with their children, thus deepening their connection. It is also a great way to impart wisdom to children.

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Enjoy a shared hobby

There are many hobbies that parents can share with their child – collecting stamps, photography, origami, cycling, etc. These activities will keep both parents and children occupied and entertained.

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Try something new

Trying something new is another brilliant way to spend quality time with your child. Since it's new to both, this will create a beautiful shared experience that could become a memorable family story.

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