How to Stay Focused on  Your Studies

By Priyanka Mehta

July 03, 2022

Go Prepared for Class

Become proactive towards your classes. Minimise unnecessary, extra work at home by preparing for your class a night prior.

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Carry All Your Supplies

Be a self-sufficient learner. Keep your notes & supplies ready to maintain your preparation.

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Know what your family, friends and educators have to say about your  progress. Listen, think and act upon  their suggestions. They help see your  blind side.

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Make a To-Do List

Note down your tasks for the day and be mindful about how much work you can complete.

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Take Breaks in Between

A short break after every hour of studying helps your brain refocus. Give yourself time after studying to relax for the next study hour to be productive.

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Unwind When the Day Ends

Set a realistic time every day to unplug from any device and work to wind down before bed.

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Be Realistic of Your Study Plan

Take your time to complete tasks. Set realistic goals to achieve minimal stress  and maximum focus while studying.

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Remind Yourself You‘re Awesome

Finally, trusting your ability to manage studies with a focused plan builds confidence. It’s your way of coping with the world. Almost everything works when you fall in love in learning!

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