Indoor Games That Inspire Children To Learn

By  Sonakshi D Kandhari

July 28, 2022

Play Dough

There is no limit to fun with this activity. Moulding shapes on their own is calming, accompanies learning of hand and eye coordination and encourages creativity.

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Simon Says

In this popular game, children are asked to perform simple and complex actions like 'sticking their tongues out and solving math problems. It strengthens their motor skills and vocabulary while making it easier for them to follow instructions.

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Puzzle Play 

This is a must-have toy for your child. The colourful and brain-teasing game is quite beneficial for them. It helps to stay persistent, solve problems and improve dexterity.

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Dress Up 

Give your child a pile of clothes and let them dress themselves or maybe dress up their siblings as they want. This exercise sparks creativity, fuels imagination, and provides an opportunity to develop social skills.

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Hot or Cold

It is a simpler variant of hide 'n seek but with wordplay. Here, their favourite toy is hidden away and they have to be guided to its location with clues. In the process, their listening and social skills improve along with their memory.

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Collage Making

You can buy some colourful paper or use cut-outs from old magazines and newspapers. Guide your child to paste the cut-down pieces carefully but let the decisions be theirs. Ask questions because it encourages creativity and improves vocabulary.

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Play Ball

This ordinary game of tossing balls has surprising benefits since physical exertion improves motor skills. Besides that, it includes a lesson on cause and effect and teamwork.

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Ask your child to lie still and trace their body. You can simply start by etching out their hand or foot. It helps with self-control, self-awareness, and the identification of body parts.

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