8 Rare Plants  & Animals

By Sara Fathima

May 22, 2022

International Day for Biological Diversity


Herbivorous wallabies found in Western Australia. The Quokkas of Rottnest Island have no qualms about taking selfies, too. When threatened, the mothers expel their joeys to escape predators. 

Image source: Alamy

Corpse Flower

Is endemic to the rainforests in Western Sumatra and is known for its aroma – of rotting flesh. The flower blooms only for  24-48 hours and attracts tourists during  that period. 

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Guadalupe Fur Seal

Mostly breed on islands off the coast of California and Mexico. The mother and pup identify each other through a unique scent and vocalisations. 

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Manx Cat

Is a breed of tailless domestic cats originating only on the Isle of Man.  These cats are excellent hunters,  sought after by farmers to deal  with rodent problems. 

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Burbidge's Pitcher -Plant

Is a carnivorous tropical plant found in a few areas of Borneo, Indonesia. Botanists have found that fluid from the unopened pitchers is effective in stopping external bleeding.

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Galapagos Pink  Land Iguana

One of the oldest species found on the slopes of Wolf Volcano in Isabela Island. They are occasionally carnivorous and  have the ability to shrink themselves  when food is scarce. 

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Are the third-largest antelope in the  world native to Africa. These animals  are nocturnal and move around in  smaller herds. Male Bongos tend to  be solitary.

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Wood's Cycad

Is termed as the loneliest plant in  the world with only one male species  found in 1985 in South Africa, by a  botanist John Medley-Wood. All the cultivations of this plant in the world are male, and produce only pollen-bearing  male cones. 

Image source: Alamy