Lesser-known inventions of Leonardo da Vinci

April 15, 2022

By Madhavi Pothukuchi


Did you know that Leonardo was obsessed with aviation? One of his favourite designs was the first helicopter, which he drew in 1493.

Image source: Adobe Photos


Given his obsession with flying, it’s not surprising that he also invented one of the first prototypes of the parachute.

Image source: Alamy

Self-supporting bridge

Leonardo invented this self-supporting bridge for the Duke Ludovico Sforza in the 1480s. Troops could set it up, use it to cross, and pack it up easily.

Image source: Alamy

Machine gun

Unimpressed by slow weaponry at the time, Leonardo designed a multi-barrel cannon, which formed the base for the modern machine gun.

Image source: Alamy

The anemometer

Leonardo’s interest in flying things led him to question how to measure the speed of the wind – which led to the invention of the anemometer.

Image source: Alamy


Leonardo invented the giant catapult that could be used in warfare.

Image source: Alamy

Armoured car

Leonardo also designed the first armoured car or tank, which could be loaded with weapons and driven by six people.

Image source: Alamy

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