8 Life Skills That Help Raise An Independent Child

By Sonakshi Kandhari

August 31, 2022

Being adept at life skills makes everyday life easier. Your toddler is not too young to get a heads-up on these skills. It fosters independence, makes them self-reliant and prepares them better for real-life experiences. It's not a part of the preschool curriculum, but you can teach them a few skills.

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Preparing food 

Spending time in the kitchen reduces the probability of your child being a picky eater. It helps them understand kitchen safety and contributes to kitchen preparedness. Measuring, assorting and using ingredients inspires them to take a keen interest in cooking, which will help them in adulthood.

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Basic first aid

Cuts, scrapes and scars are a part of growing up. Teach your child the basics of first aid kit as knowing how to treat themselves or others comes in handy. It helps them remain calm in the face of emergencies, promotes self-independence, and lessens your worries.

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Swimming is a life skill that ensures your child's safety in the water. It also sets the stage for water-related sports in the future. Learning how to swim has health benefits, builds strength, promotes flexibility, helps correct balance and posture, and boosts self-confidence.

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Money management 

Teaching your child the importance of money management will benefit their future savings. You can begin by giving them small amounts of money to save in their piggy banks. Also, engage them in activities that teach them to count money and calculate change. This simple exercise will help them handle their finances in adult life.

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Packing school bag

Children can perform chores with the right instructions. Packing their school bag is one of them. Start with the basics of giving them the discretion to pick a bag, teach them to zip and unzip the bag and wear it themselves too. Packing and unpacking the contents is the crucial duty next. All these will instill a sense of responsibility in them.

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Being tidy

Clearing up after playtime, cleaning the dining table after a meal and keeping the laundry in place are all life skills one should know. These lessons help them become organised and keep the surroundings tidy. Such routine activities take them a long way and help them grow into responsible adults.

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Decision making 

Aren’t you confronted with choices on a daily basis? Make these decisions effortless for your child by starting young. There are games to encourage this, musical chairs being one. Even conversations make a difference. Using proper terms - you choose, make the decision, what’s your preference - develops their skill.

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Team player

Team skills can be taught young and are a prerequisite in every sphere. This skill is packed with several valuable lessons on empathy, sharing, compassion and patience. It can be done by encouraging your child to pursue a sport, inviting their peers and assigning them tasks with a partner.

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