Ways to motivate your child to learn better

By Aparna Desikan

August 3, 2022

Children have unique learning strategies that include visual and auditory responses, such as in reading and writing. A one-size-fits-all approach may not give the best learning outcomes. Parents can help by understanding and implementing the right approach to motivate them to learn better.

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Introduce different learning styles

Some children have a dominant learning style, while others like to mix different styles to make their learning better. Introducing different learning methods helps them explore and pick a convenient style for effective learning outcomes.

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An inviting atmosphere

The child’s learning atmosphere must be pleasant and encouraging for them to learn. You can fill the room with interesting activities, posters, and more, so the child looks forward to spending quality time in their space while learning.

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Encourage child-centered learning

Research shows that children who are in control of their studies are more involved in the learning process. When children have the opportunity to provide inputs to their study plan, it provides good motivation for them to learn.

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Focus on strengths

Some children are more creative, while others are analytically stronger. Focusing on their strengths and crafting a suitable learning plan will have a positive impact on their education. It will also improve their emotional well-being and academic performance.

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Have open communication

Checking on your child regularly to understand if they are facing any difficulties in learning creates a safe space for them. Opening communication channels will help them engage more with the learning process and motivate them to learn better.

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Focus on interests

If your child likes to learn through music, making up a song to learn maths would motivate them to learn instead of merely solving problems. To make learning more interesting, encourage your child to explore topics and methods of their interest.

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Play and learn

Studies have shown that game-based learning is an effective way to make children learn. Games make the process of learning fun and less monotonous, resulting in stimulation to learn while playing.

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Celebrate achievements

Acknowledging a lesson well-learned or a good score on a test will encourage children to put in their best efforts to studies. However, it is important to note that while lauding achievements is a positive reinforcement technique, being compassionate if they are not able to perform well is also necessary.

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