What Lives in the Depths of the Ocean?

By Ashritha Raghavendra

09 June, 2022

The Immortal Jellyfish

Researchers believe this jellyfish can cure cancer as it can retreat into its polyp phase when starving or in danger. How the cells reset and transform is a fascinating discovery yet to be made. 

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River in the Sea

There is a river flowing at the bottom of the Black Sea. This river is so massive that if it were on land, it would be the sixth-largest river in the world.

Image source: BBC

Ryuku Islands

Off the coast of Ryuku Islands, Japan lies an underwater complex which is believed to be the remains of ‘Mu’ — a mythical Pacific civilization. However, scientists are unsure if the structure is man-made or an underwater formation.

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Devil's Triangle

Popular for its mysterious plane and ship disappearances, the Bermuda Triangle houses the deepest point of the Atlantic Ocean and is subject to frequent storms,  hurricanes, and a strong ocean current. 

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Cenotes of Mexico

The Chicxulub crater in the Yucatan peninsula was created by a comet 66 million years ago and has cenotes that are flooded with freshwater overlying saltwater. The Maya believed them to be the entrance to the afterlife.

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Angler Fish

A rare deep-sea creature, the Angler fish is known for its fangs and light-flashing tentacle. It was first discovered in 1883 when it washed up on a shore in Greenland.

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Silfra Fissure

A crevice that is 63 metres deep, the Silfra fissure is where the Eurasian and North American plates meet. The freshwater here has visibility of 100m and is located in Iceland. 

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Did You Know?

Oceans are as mysterious as the moon and Mars. There have been more Apollo missions to the moon than have been to the Challenger Deep, the deepest part of the deepest trench in the ocean.

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Only 20% of the Ocean Floor is Mapped