National Technology Day

By Vandya Rai

May 11, 2022

Crazy Innovations That Could Change  the Future

Mind-Reading Bots

What if wheelchairs and robotic arms functioned like biological arms and limbs? Scientists are building revolutionary brain-controlled machines for tetraplegic patients.

Video Source: Pexels

Quantum Computing

The processing power of quantum computing is a trillion times more powerful than supercomputers! It can be used for optimising wide-scale vaccine production or logistics.

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Extended Reality

The world is witnessing a grand push towards Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. Soon, we’ll see portable devices, like glasses that connect to our phones instead of clunky headsets. This technology opens up new possibilities for the metaverse.

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3D Printing

What if bones could be 3D printed? With the advancement of technology, we can now print things we only dreamt of. Soon, manufacturers will be able to produce concrete, metal, and even bone implants!

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With digital currency and non-fungible tokens transforming the world, blockchain technology will see more advances this year. It will allow us to build digital trust with smart innovations.

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Lab-Made Food

Bio-tech companies around the world are creating dairy and meat alternatives to make consumption environmentally friendly. Soon, we can drink milk, eat ice cream, sprinkle cheese, or crack an egg — all made in a lab!

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Artificial Eyes

Technology that gives people the gift of sight could now be a possibility. Researchers are working on an implant that sits on the surface of the brain and gives a rudimentary sense of sight upon receiving signals from a pair of camera-fitted glasses.

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Gene editing and synthetic biology can help us cure and eradicate diseases, modify crops, and conjure many other biological and medical breakthroughs!

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