The Mindset You Need To Ace NEET

By Anju Ann Mathew

July 08, 2022

Stay Focussed

In the last few days before the exam, try to stay focussed not only on your revision, but also on the bigger picture of becoming a doctor.

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Work Smart

Don’t try to read the entire reference book. Make sure to revise only that which is needed and make the best of the time left.

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Avoid Procrastination

If at any time during your preparation, you want to “do it tomorrow”, stop right there! Stick to your study plan, since the time is short. At the same time, try not to overwhelm yourself with large portions and spread it out evenly.

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Track Your Progress

Every time you complete revising a chapter, write it down and keep maintaining the list. If you ever feel disheartened, take a look at the list. This list is sure to uplift your mood, and boost your confidence.

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Reward Yourself

When you know you’ve worked hard and dedicated a good amount of time for your preparation, reward yourself! It could be chocolate, a favourite meal, or even an episode of your favourite TV show!

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Avoid Overthinking

Like you, there are thousands of other students who are also attempting the NEET exam. But that shouldn’t wreck your nerves. If you can revise and practise thoroughly, you’ll be well-armed for the exam.

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Spend Time With Loved Ones

While studying for long hours throughout the day, you might find yourself being isolated from the rest of the world. Spend some time with your family & friends who can guide and motivate you, and also help you calm your nerves.

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Stay Positive!

Remember that you have been working hard. As the exam inches closer, try to maintain a positive attitude, practise well and revise your concepts. With that, you can easily ace the exam!

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