PCB or PCM — What To Choose After Class 10?

By Sara Fathima

March 29, 2022

Choose Wisely

Picking the right stream after class X is crucial as  this is a turning point in a  student’s academic life.

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Pick What You Like

It is vital that you choose subjects based  on your interests and aptitude.

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PCB for Medicine

If you want to pursue a career in  the medical field then ensure your combination has Physics, Chemistry, Biology. 

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PCM for Engineering

If you aspire for a career in engineering,  then ensure you pick Physics, Chemistry, Maths.

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Opt for PCMB

Going with both Biology and  Maths can be your safest  option – if you haven’t made  up your mind. 

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Avail Counselling

Consult experts or speak to mentors  before choosing your stream. This  will help you choose subjects as  per your interests and personality.

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Avoid Peer Pressure

Don’t choose a stream just because all your friends are going for it. Make a choice based on your individual goals and needs. 

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Find Your Fit 

Research as much as you  can on the streams available.  Prioritise your interests and goals before everything else. 

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