Power Of Positive Talk On A Child's Mind 

By Sonakshi Kandhari 

14 October, 2022

Positive talk is an essential part of parenting. What a child hears in their younger years shapes their future identity. Use these positive phrases to inspire your toddler.

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"I love being your parent."

This phrase makes a child feel loved and realise you value the process of raising them. It gives the feeling of a wonderful experience of sharing space with them.

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"Great idea!"

Children are curious by nature and try various activities. When your child does something out of the ordinary - praise them for their innovation. It nurtures courage and problem-solving capabilities.

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"You are important!"

Everybody likes to feel important, as it is gratifying and empowering. Same goes for children, so assure them that they hold an important place in your life that is not replaceable.

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I'm listening!

Your devoted attention to your child works like a seal of acceptance. Giving undivided attention and hearing them out, be it a funny incident, a new song they learnt, etc., builds their confidence.

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"You make me smile!"

This statement makes your child realise they are the source of your happiness. It also offers them insights into identifying and expressing emotions.

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"Thank you for helping me out!"

.This phrase contributes to positive behaviour in your child's later years. It motivates them to take on more tasks that prepare them to help others someday.

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"I am here if you need me!"

Give your child some freedom to make a few decisions for themselves. And remind them that you are there for them if the need arises. It empowers them to question, think, analyse and make choices.

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"I love you no matter what!"

Your child probably knows this, but saying it every now and then has a remarkable effect. Sometimes, that extra reassurance is all they need to hear to make them feel special.

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