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Reptile Quiz: How well do you know reptiles?

Adrija Sen

21 Oct 2022


Did you know that reptiles are the oldest species on Earth? Test your knowledge with our Reptile Trivia Quiz to celebrate Reptile Awareness Day!

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How many different species of reptiles are there? A. Approximately 3000 B. Approximately 7000 C. Approximately 10,000 D. Approximately 15,000


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What is the difference between a turtle and a tortoise? A. A tortoise is bigger than a turtle. B. A tortoise has a soft shell. C. A tortoise can’t retract inside its shell. D. A tortoise is land-dwelling.


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How long can a crocodile go without eating? A. A day B. A week C. A month D. A year


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How many layers of skin does a chameleon have? A. 2 B. 4 C. 3 D. 1

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How old is the oldest turtle in the world? A. 190 B. 134 C. 209 D. 101


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What's the longest snake in the world? A. King Cobra B. Boa Constrictor C. Black Mamba D. Reticulated Python


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How do crocodiles release heat? A. By sweating B. By going into the water C. By opening their mouth D. By covering themselves in mud


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Where can you find a tuatara? A. Brazil B. New Zealand C. Cambodia D. Chile


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Which of these snakes is not venomous? A. Taipan B. Python C. Tiger Snake D. Brown Snake


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1: C. Approximately 10,000 2: D. Tortoise is land-dwelling. 3: D. A Year 4: B. 4 5: A. 190 6: D. Reticulated Python 7: A. By opening their mouth 8: B. New Zealand 9: B. Python

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