Safety First: Rules to be safe on the playground

By Mekhala Joshi

June 02 , 2022

Dress the child in appropriate clothing

Dress the child for play. Avoid oversized clothing that could potentially get caught in playground equipment like a see-saw or merry-go-round and cause serious injury. Also, avoid jewellery of any kind.

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Pay attention  to shoes

Use closed-toe shoes that prevent stones, sand, or other material from getting stuck in the shoes, sandals should be avoided. Remember that loose shoelaces can get tangled and pose a serious risk too.

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Choose appropriate play equipment

Playing with age-appropriate equipment reduces the risk of injury and wounds. Consider your child’s age, developmental stage, and capabilities to decide what’s right for them. Use your parental discretion.

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Inspect the playground

It is advisable to inspect the equipment to see if there are any splinters and cracks, sharp edges, loose nuts and bolts. Check the protective barrier for sturdiness.

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Free play away from the playground equipment

Children love to run free on the playground. So make it a rule to play away from the swings or any moving equipment as a precaution.

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Avoid attaching accessories to equipment

Children can get creative and attach ropes or shoelaces to the playground equipment, which is quite risky as it increases the likelihood of getting hurt.

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Establish playground rules

Letting the children know what is expected of them plays a key role in ensuring their safety. The rules can be as simple as – no playing near the moving equipment, shoelaces must be tied at all times, etc.

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Supervision is mandatory

Children are likely to throw caution to the wind while engaged in playing. Adult supervision reduces the risk of injury or wounds. It also ensures that help is nearby when anyone gets hurt on the playground.

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