Safety First: School Bus Etiquette

By Mekhala Joshi

June 09 , 2022

Find a safe area for children to wait for the bus, away from the traffic. Arrive five minutes earlier than the scheduled pick-up time.

Do not stand closer than 12 feet (3.66 m) to the bus when it arrives, as it is unsafe. Do not play or make any sudden moves while waiting for the school bus.

Do not pick up things that are near or under the school bus. Ask the teacher onboard or the driver for help.

Always stay seated, with the whole body inside the bus at all times. Do not throw things out the window or play with emergency exit equipment inside the bus.

Do not push or shove others while trying to get on or off the school bus. Keep the school bus aisles clear. Someone may trip over a school bag, lunch box or a water bottle.

Only get on or off the school bus when it comes to a complete stop. Do not board or exit the bus while it's in motion.

Get off the school bus only at the assigned drop-off point. Ask the teacher onboard for help if you miss it.

Do not come back to the school bus stop if you have left something behind. Go straight home. No talking to strangers on the way.

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