Science Facts: Prehistoric Creatures That Are Still Alive

March 31, 2022

By Raza Mehdi

Komodo Dragon 

Found in Indonesia, Komodo dragons are the biggest and heaviest lizards on Earth. These reptiles have been around for at least 100 million years and originated in Australia.


Walruses, which date back about 600,000 years, live in a natural ice habitat of the Arctic. They love hanging out on ice sheets, but during summer, they can be found onshore in huge numbers.


This may be surprising, but the pelican has existed for at least 30 million years. These birds are considered living fossils as they have not changed much since prehistoric times.


No other animal deserves the title of living dinosaur like the crocodile. These beasts have retained the same body form since dinosaurs walked the Earth.

Ghost Shark

This bizarre looking deep-sea fish has existed before the time of the dinosaurs. It descended from a shark-like fish that lived 280 million years ago.

Video source: NOAA


Found in every ocean, jellyfish might have settled in the world's seas as early as 700 million years ago making them the oldest multi-organ animals!


Stingray is considered to be one of the biggest freshwater fishes in the world. It is believed that this species evolved around 100 million years ago. Fun fact: Stingrays are close relatives of sharks!

Lamprey Fish

For 360 million years, this ‘vampire fish’ has had an appetite for biting other fish. They are considered the evolutionary link between invertebrates and vertebrates.

Image source: Ted Lawrence/ Great Lakes Fishery Commission

Shoebill Stork

Found in Africa, the shoebill stork has to be one of the craziest-looking birds on the planet with their giant whale-like heads. Like all birds, Shoebill evolved from a group of meat-eating dinosaurs called theropods some 150-200 million years ago.