Scientific Innovations by Geniuses Born  in October 

By Sara Fathima

October 01, 2022

Otto Frisch

Discovered and coined the term nuclear fission along with Lise Meitner. He also designed the mechanism for the detonation of the atomic bomb. 

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01 Oct 1904

William Ramsay

Won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry and Physics for the discovery of noble gases. He was also an advisor to the Indian Institute of Science.

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02 Oct 1852

Robert Goddard

Built the world’s first liquid-fuelled rocket. However, during his lifetime he received little support for his work, was ridiculed by the press and other scientists for his theories of space flight. 

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05 Oct 1882

Niels Bohr

Developed an atomic model explaining that electrons revolve in stable orbits around the nucleus. He won the Nobel Prize in Physics for his contributions to quantum theory in 1922.  

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07 Oct 1885

Rudolf Virchow

Known as the father of modern pathology for his work in describing and naming leukaemia and other major diseases. He was the first to develop a systematic method of the autopsy.  

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13 Oct 1821

Abdul Kalam

Contributed to the development of ballistic missiles and launch vehicle technology. He also built a low-cost coronary stent along with the cardiologist Soma Raju in 1998. 

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15 Oct 1931

Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar 

Contributed to the understanding of the stellar structure, white dwarfs, relativity, Chandrasekhar limit, etc. He won the Nobel Prize in Physics with William Fowler in 1983.

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19 Oct 1910

William Coolidge

Famous for developing ductile tungsten  used in incandescent bulbs and an X-ray tube with an improved cathode to help detect tumours. 

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23 Oct 1873

Homi Bhabha

Popular as the “Father of the Indian Nuclear Programme” for his strategy of extracting nuclear power using the country’s vast thorium reserves.

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30 Oct 1909

Narinder Kapany

Credited with the innovation of fibre optics, he also worked with lasers, biomedical instruments, and pollution monitoring. He had over 120 patents and was awarded the Padma Vibhushan posthumously in 2021. 

31 Oct, 1926