7 Self-Care Habits For Children

By Sonakshi Kandhari

September 30, 2022

Toddlers need to be independent with self-care skills that prepare them for the real world. Performing everyday routine tasks boosts their self-esteem and supports their development. Begin with these habits, and your child will gradually become self-reliant.

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Right and left

This one can confuse children. Identifying and starting with their dominant side is crucial. Singing the hokey pokey song, tickling them on a particular side, or making the right side different from the left with nail paint will make distinguishing easy.

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Feeding themselves

Starting with finger food is advisable because it is bite-sized, which makes grasping easy. Later on, demonstrate how a spoon is used and let them try it. Despite the mess, being able to feed themselves is an accomplishment worth celebrating.

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Potty training

This one could take some time for a child. But patience is key. It’s important to show them every step in a slow and steady manner. Then move on to teach them how to flush, wash and dry hands once done. There are also plenty of children’s stories online that can help in educating on this subject.

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Hygiene is a must

Talk to them about how germs can affect their health and why staying hygienic is essential. Show them the difference between clean and dirty clothes by pointing out a visible speck of dirt after playtime and helping them wash it off.

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Dressing up

Break it down into phases by teaching them the difference between the front and back of the cloth first and moving on to removing their clothes. Also, telling them what each piece of attire is called, placing the clothes in the right order, and opting for easy-to-wear clothes will help.

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Doing chores

It's a welcome method to teach them tidiness. Picking toys after playtime, setting the table for dinner, and watering the plants are age-appropriate chores. These tasks instil a sense of control, and being in charge of something inculcates a sense of responsibility.

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Coughs and sneezes

Blowing the nose on a tissue and covering their hand while sneezing or coughing is an essential lesson. Turn it into a game and get them to imitate you or connect it to their beloved cartoon character. Keep practising together and tell them not doing so will lead them to infections.

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