Simple ways to set good examples  for your child

By Aparna Desikan

March 25, 2022

Inculcate politeness

Be courteous to people whom you meet. Say magic words like ‘please’ and ‘thank you’.

Help the less fortunate

Donate mildly-used things to the underprivileged. Your child will understand how donating impacts their lives.

Image source: : Pexels

Practise kindness

Treat everyone around you, even pets, with kindness and respect.

Encourage owning up

Apologise to your child when you are wrong. They will learn the value of accountability.

Practise volunteering

You can regularly volunteer for community services like beach cleaning, planting saplings and adoption drives.

Keep promises

If you promise to spend time with your child or give them presents, honour those commitments.

Have  healthy discussions

Listen and honour your child's point of view while they study or do chores.

Do your share of tasks

Offer to help your partner, especially on stressful days. Your child too will learn to contribute at home.