Sign On: Basic Words in Sign Language

By Madhavi Pothukuchi

23 September, 2022

Today is International Sign Language Day, which celebrates and supports the culture of sign language. More than 70 million deaf, blind, and non-verbal people use sign language to communicate, yet, sign language doesn’t get the official recognition it deserves. In honour of the language, let’s learn some words in the Indian Sign Language (ISL). 


Say hello with a soft, quick salute, not rigid like the military salutation.

Yes and No

Nod your head for ‘yes’ and shake your head sideways for ‘no’.


Make a fist and rub it in small circles gently on your chest to apologise.


Give a simple thumbs up to indicate ‘good’.


Say you understand by making a fist near your forehead and opening your index finger.

Thank You

Thank someone by keeping a straight palm on your lower lip and moving it away from your face, almost like blowing a kiss.


Bid goodbye with a simple wave.

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