13 Things Teachers Say That We Love

By Ashritha Raghavendra

September 04, 2022


Is this a classroom or a fish market?


*stares*  Are you done talking? Can I start?


You! Why are you talking?  Come and solve this problem on the board!


If you don’t want to study, leave the class.  I will give you attendance.


You will get extra marks for good handwriting


Haa, you enjoy this year. Next year won’t be so easy!


If we complete the portions, I’ll finish the class 15 minutes early


There are no stupid questions


No no, keep talking, we won’t finish the portions and then I’ll take your PT periods also. Okay?


Good job!⭐


Chalo, take down your assignments for the vacation


Unmute yourself and speak no? Or else I’ll call out your names one by one


We are going on a field trip!


Thank you teachers, for guiding and inspiring us!