The Secret Guide  To Raising  Happy Children!

By Sonakshi Kandhari 

November 3, 2022

Children's happiness should be crucial in parenting, as raising a joyous child with a positive mindset is necessary for competitive adulthood. Include these few methods in your parenting and uncover the secret to your toddler's happiness.

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Sharing your time

Making time for your toddler between the office and household work is necessary. Activities like colouring together, going to the park or anything that your toddler enjoys make them feel content as you spend time with them.

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Sharing brings joy

Toddlers can be possessive of their favourite toys, but you need to show that sharing stuff makes everybody happy. Participate in a charity activity and explain to them how kindness can make others smile.

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Nurture independence

Let them try doing things themselves because each time you make it easy, you prevent them from learning a new lesson. Allow them to try and fail as the final success will instil a sense of confidence and liberation.

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Routines are in order 

Children lose focus as they have an innate curiosity to explore everything. But the foundation of discipline needs to be set by repeatedly performing the same task at the same time every day. If it gets too arduous, include some fun activities in between.

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Watch out for hobbies

If your child is interested in a particular subject or activity, enrol them in a class. Whether they pursue it in the long run or not, simply trying to learn and become better at a skill works wonders on their happiness quotient.

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Be a great listener 

It could be an event from school, a tantrum, or a visit to the playground. Listen intently to whatever your child shares because if you don't, it could affect their self-esteem and sow the seeds of an inferiority complex.

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Practise being happy 

Your child picks up every single vibe that you give off and detects things at a fast pace. Happiness spreads like wildfire, so your happy spirit will encourage them to follow your example.

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