The Surprising Benefits Of

By Mekhala Joshi

September 26 , 2022


A multitude of skills. 

Writing involves many skills, such as motor, language, cognition, and focus.

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Enhances focus.

Writing by hand helps children focus on a task, as it is a holistic activity that requires one to engage their body and mind.

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Prep the right way.

Activities like tracing lines and shapes or even drawing freehand help kids get ready to write better with hand.

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Encourages expressiveness.

Writing motivates self-expression and self-confidence in children. It also helps them find their voice. 

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Fosters organisational skills. 

Writing requires one to express ideas by arranging words in a defined grammatical structure. It encourages children to organise their thoughts. 

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Supports emotional development. 

Writing also helps children process everyday events that happen in their lives. It may enhance the child's emotional intelligence. 

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Cultivates originality. 

Writing is an adventure that allows your child's imagination to flourish and provides an outlet for their creativity. 

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Improves reading skills.

The skills of reading and writing are interconnected and will complement one another.

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